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The Pain Files
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Extreme Sado Maso

Shadow Slaves
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
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Big Breast Bondage
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Ball Gagged Bondage
Big Tit Blonde Tied
Boobies In Bondage
Featuring Busty Cherry

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Paris Femdom Escort

The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM Review

A true story from the French SM dungeons of real Paris Femdom escorts found at

I'd an incredible evening, very last Friday! I cannot avoid thinking of it since it had been really impressive!

It might be seen as sad by many that the notion of one nights' occurrences will be on someone's brain for several days though I am actually extremely fulfilled, with lots of previous experiences to help keep my brain occupied for years.

Anyways.... I'd the adventure that rocked my very planet, because the cliche goes. I was really myself,and encountered a bottom spacing which continued for DAYS!!!!!

I felt as I was hanging and the sexual side of mine was transformed inside out. I'd never encountered this euphoric feeling throughout a flogging/whipping session before. It was a mix of who I was with and wherever it was. I'd two Tops, only one particular female, only one particular man. This was my most sought after fantasy. I had also been in front associated with a big group of individuals (exhibitionism..LOVE IT!), which actually turned me on much more.

I'd quite a female best along with a gorgeous male top. The man has this method of making me melt inside regardless of what he did. It was his over abundance of Sexuality and pheromones. He is also GREAT!

I did not understand just how much the female top would stimulate me until the whipping began. Her scent was sensuous, & she'd that decorative sweetness with sufficient pheromones to blast the desires of mine. The much more I can smell her, the greater my desire built.

The flogging stung for a little after which the Endorphins had taken over. I experienced no even more pain, just a charming feeling with every stroke. My brain started to swirl and my darkest wants and feelings surfaced. I felt powerful and invincible. I experienced wantoness and lust that I had not as a result of some time.

I was linked with a St Andrews cross and also I want to desperately being freed and permit myself to roam the bodies of theirs. Each and every pull of my hair sent me flying into a kind of euphoric blast off. Each kiss from the female top drove me right into a frenzy of lust. She stood before me and I ran the hands of mine over the components of the body of her I might manage to touch. I licked her white skirt to the cleavage of her with blurred eyes guiding me. I licked along with nibbled the neck of her, and then kissed her. Her tongue rolling with mine in rhythmic longing.

Each and every time the male leading rubbed up against me or perhaps kissed me, I lost orgasmic control. And then towards the conclusion because they each brought me to a mind blowing orgasm, I can really feel myself melting into them as a single mass of sweet desire.

I left that evening feeling GREAT, relieved and wanting more. The marks and also bruises have been a continual reminder. I'd like having the opportunity to get it done again....but more. I'm sure I am going to have a lot more happenings though my very first at something is definitely the finest and also the only one I'll recall.

The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM

Horny Scandinavia -

The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM Review

Adult coziness and a lot of sex when you get older, many people want. Are you a person who wants long foreplay and a lot of pussy licking and sucking cock? And stretch out on the pleasure for hours before you start fucking? Do you feel that you are an adult and want it a little more organized in your sex life. But without involving you in a stable relationship? But still you want to keep your freedom that you have when you are single but still have sex in an adult way?

Then we can tell you about, where you will find hundreds of sex ads with horny women and men who are looking for a sex partner for only sex. Either one-time fuck but also as fuck buddies, which is a perfect form of relationship for you who are a little older. Especially if you are tired of fucking around and having different sex partners. It usually comes to a point when you do not want to fuck around but want a steady fuck buddy.

Young and horny

When you are young and horny, then you like to fuck around and that is only positive, you learn and you get to try on different sex partners. It is also exciting and above all enjoyable. But the older you get, the more comfortable you become and also hornier with the years. When you are older, you also have greater demands on your sex partner and therefore a fuck buddy is

The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM

The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM and Pain - Visit The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM Review
The Pain Files is a genuine hardcore BDSM site featuring real BDSM lifestyle slavegirls in extreme BDSM and painful torments. You will find a huge variety of full length BDSM videos and exclusive punishment material - Read The Full Review

Public Disgrace - Visit Public Disgrace Review

Public Disgrace is a new take on a BDSM site entirely. Basically, Public Disgrace is a mixture of domination, BDSM and public nudity. That idea in itself is daring and interesting and makes for some fairly rare scenes of primarily humiliation and softer types of BDSM in public - Read The Full Review

Devil Dommes - Visit Devil Dommes - Femdom Review
Devil Dommes is a fairly new femdom site all about stunningly goodlooking but vicious mistresses and the male slaves they torment. Unlike most femdom sites Devil Dommes feature a variety of female dominants - and a variety of male slaves - Read The Full Review

Nimues World - Amateur BDSM - Visit Female Pain - Amateur BDSM Review
Kinky UK Amateur sluts in bondage and fetish. Lifestyle slave girl Nimue takes you behind the scenes of her kinky life. Free members webcam with BDSM cam shows from Nimue & plenty of exclusive S&M, Fetish & Lesbian movies from the english amateur babe. Nimue is a real uk amateur slut, who loves pain, submission, bondage, humiliation and wild lesbian games with her girlfriendsl - Read The Full Review

UK Flashers - Public Fetish - Visit Female Pain - Amateur BDSM Review
British babes dropping their clothes in public, outdoor bondage and public nudity fetish on display! - Read The Full Public Nudity Review

Shadow Slaves - Visit Shadow Slaves Review
Shadowslaves is one of those rare and unique gems to be found on the internet, that leaves you happy you spent the night surfing around. It is a truly imaginative and unique bondage and SM site with a wealth of stunningly pretty slavegirls and interesting BDSM action - Read The Full Bondage Review

Hogtied - Visit Hogtied Review
Hogtied is one of the classic bondage and SM websites outthere. It was there before most of us got an internet connection and probably will be long after we have become to old and feeble to type in the url. That in itself is a big bonus for a site like this, as the producers are obviously highly professiona and, the archives delivers vast amounts of BDSM contents - Read The Full Review

Bound Gods - Visit Bound Gods - Gay BDSM Review
We rarely come across proper gay BDSM websites, but with Bound Gods theres a pretty good example of one to be explored. Bound Gods features everything from standard gay bondage to severe male to male punishments with a good load of hardcore thrown in. - Read The Full Review

Device Bondage - Visit Device bondage review
Plenty of BDSM fans still miss the old Insex site, and Device Bondage looks like an attempt to recreate some of the same style of fetish and creative setups as was featured in the glorious days when Insex ruled the BDSM world - Read The Full Review

Latino BDSM
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Featuring Luxx

Asian Spanking
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Featuring Ange Venus

Araknophobia Fetish
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Hardcore Fetish Humiliation

Headshaving Asian Slave
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Shaving The Slave Bald

BDSM Hot Wax
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Featuring Little Miss Chaos

BDSM Hot Wax
The Pain Files - Extreme BDSM
Featuring Crystel Lei


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