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Hogtied - Kinky Bondage and BDSM - Visit BDSM Review

Hogtied is one of the classic bondage and SM websites outthere. It was there before most of us got an internet connection and probably will be long after we have become to old and feeble to type in the url. That in itself is a big bonus for a site like this, as the producers are obviously highly professiona and, the archives delivers vast amounts of BDSM contents

The Content
Every week Hogtied delivers new high quality BDSM material to their members with new or returning american fetish models. Theres few negative things to say about the technical quality of the material, the lighting is good, the models are pretty, the cameramen could hold a steady cam in their sleep and the surroundings are usually interesting and dungeon inspired. The downside to all this professionalism is that Hogtied can come across as a bit schematic in its productions, in many instances you are able to guess the turn of events in the movies long before they happen. Equally, the models are very obviously models as opposed to lifestyle BDSM lovers, which does give it more of a feeling of massproduction than authentic BDSM play. However, which end you prefer is obviously purely a matter of taste.

Exclusivity and Quality
Hogtied is an entirely exclusive site with vast archives of BDSM material shot over the years. The quality of the content is premium and available in various resolutions to suit all tastes and download speeds. No sticky fingers to point here.

Overall Quality / Recommendation
Hogtied is a brilliant site, no doubt about. My personal preference is towards less glamour BDSM and schematic storylines and further towards actual BDSM lifestylers in whatever extreme games they fancy - but it all depends what your own preference is. If you want a professional product through and through with excellent fetish models in relatively standard BDSM sessions, Hogtied is about the best there is.

Visit Hogtied - Kinky Bondage and SM

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